mac os 下载编译chromium最新源码 – Build Chrome on Mac OS 10.10



3.check out source code:

$ fetch –nohooks chromium     # Optionally, –no-history

$ fetch –nohooks blink        # Optionally, –no-history

The checkout will be from 6GB to 22GB, depending on your choices.

You can fetch one of two targets: chromium or blink. Either choice will clone both the Chromium and Blink repos, but there’s a small difference.

  • fetch chromium will use the Blink version that’s rolled into Chromium via DEPS (usually a few hours old). This choice is easier if working only on Chromium.
  • fetch blink will always retrieve the latest Blink (ToT) version, and is useful if working on Blink.

Either choice, the fetch will consume ~22GB of disk space.  However, if you choose to clone without git history, the checkout will total ~6.5GB.

Use –no-history with fetch to create shallow clones. Use if you don’t need repo history or want a faster clone. Later,  git fetch –unshallow will deepen these shallow clones.


fetch –nohooks chromium –nosvn=True  或者 fetch –nohooks –no-history chromium

4.如果第3步未能成功完成,则执行 gclient sync –force 继续更新.



$ ./build/


需要暗转xcode5 (或以上。参考:


需要VS2013: 参考:

6.Run post-sync hooks

$ gclient runhooks

7.Update, checkout

$ git rebase-update

$ gclient sync


Chrome使用的是GYP (Generate-Your-Project)作为build工具:使用以下命令生成build file:

export GYP_GENERATORS=ninja,xcode-ninja



$ ./build/gyp_chromium -Goutput_dir=out_cros


最后Building Chrome

ninja -C out/Release/ chrome

9.有可能在第5步中的最后ninja -C out/Debug/ chrome命令中报下面的错误:

ninja: error: ‘../../native_client/toolchain/mac_x86/nacl_x86_newlib/nacl_x86_newlib.json’, needed by ‘gen/tc_irt/lib64/libppapi_proxy_nacl.a’, missing and no known rule to make it

,此时需要执行gclient runhooks(The hooks are required to download some prebuilts / sdks (like nacl, for which you’re getting an error).)来下载部分相应的依赖库. 如果步骤6执行过则应该没有问题。

以上总结参考Chrome 官方给出的 Get the Code: Checkout, Build, Run & Submit


ibus-xkbc release test vervsion

My colleague Naoyuki.Ishimura created a new iBus engine (ibus-xkbc). This is a keyboard layout emulation which base on *ibus* framework. The layout data is base on the data which XKN used. It can work on any Xserver other than XKB enabled Xorg server.

You can get it and try , and please help to report the issue:

You can get it:

And please use
if you have any issue or request to enhancement.

Any comments are highly appreciated.

sunpinyin update : ibus-sunpinyin 2.0 发布 RC4!

ibus-sunpinyin 2.0 发布 RC4!


– 修正 issue#24 不能输入单引号的错误,现在能输入单引号了
– 修正 issue#52 在 amd64 平台下,无法加载双拼数据的问题
– 修正 issue#57 在双拼模式下,输入标点符号后无法输入中文的问题
– 修正 issue#58 不使用 MS2003 时,双拼输入会崩溃的问题
– 修正了在编辑已输入拼音字串时,候选词更新异常的问题

和以前一样,上传到了 googlecode


FW: Please join (快来加入)

FW from : 素月如何上青天

我们刚刚为SunPinyin项目建立了一个google-group。虽然oso-inputmethod项目也有一个mail-list,不过是和其他opensolaris i18n/l10n项目share的。而且似乎国内的开发者或用户,还是更习惯和倾向使用google-group作为交流的途径。因此我们就创建了这个group。

SunPinyin的开发者会使用这个mail group来讨论开发相关的问题,同时用户也可以用这个mail group来报告发现的问题。大家也可以直接发邮件到

欢迎SunPinyin的新老用户加入; 积极反馈各位在使用中遇到的问题,这将会使我们更快了解SunPinyin的bug和您的需求,并且以最快的随度修改bug和满足您的需求!

您的反馈和需求就是对我们最大的支持! 也是我们前进的最大动力!


Take over SunPinYin

My talent colleague YongSun is leaving Sun. I feel very sad to lose a so good colleague. Anyway, we have to face the fact, everything will continue. I took over SunPinYin project. Actually I have joined this project for several months. And I’m very glade to contributor userdict and Double Pinyin modules. For people who always care about this project, thanks for your support so long. And I hope you all could care this project and do more contribution as used to. Certainly new comer will be welcome very much as well!  And YonSun will still be a core community contributor too. Let us say thank Yong for his contribution to SunPinYin, and looking forward his more contribution to SunPinYin in the future.

I strongly recommend his new blog, you will find much fun here .