Take over SunPinYin

My talent colleague YongSun is leaving Sun. I feel very sad to lose a so good colleague. Anyway, we have to face the fact, everything will continue. I took over SunPinYin project. Actually I have joined this project for several months. And I’m very glade to contributor userdict and Double Pinyin modules. For people who always care about this project, thanks for your support so long. And I hope you all could care this project and do more contribution as used to. Certainly new comer will be welcome very much as well!  And YonSun will still be a core community contributor too. Let us say thank Yong for his contribution to SunPinYin, and looking forward his more contribution to SunPinYin in the future.

I strongly recommend his new blog, you will find much fun here . http://yongsun.me

3 thoughts on “Take over SunPinYin

  1. @blink4blog
    thanks for using SunPinyin.
    the traditional chinese support is possibility more a feature comes with SCIM framework. we have not enable it in the sunpinyin’s SCIM port, but it is in the todo list.


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