InstallFest for Colleges – Beiyou (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) Station

Last Sunday (Mar. 8) afternoon, Techgirls Group from BLUG and BOSS (Beiyou University OSS society) in Beiyou University (BUPT) co-organizing a Girls Installfest. But this time is NOT girl only activity. ;). I received invistation to be a speaker and help to the participator to install OpenSolaris. It’s good opportunity to promote OpenSolaris the community.

Almost all the participants had no any experience of using Solaris. Even it is the first for a lot of them to hear of Solaris. At the beginning,I did a twenty-minutes presentation to introduce the OpenSolaris. Then, Forrest Wu, who have been work on ZFS project as a DP for more than three years, also give a very short presentation to introduce ZFS. I believe the presentations are very helpful to attract the participated students to install OpenSolaris. Especially for ZFS. 🙂  This afternoon, Forrest and I helped more than ten students installed OpenSolaris (dual boot or in virtualbox) successfully.

This is a successful activity. I summarized some concern of students and issue we encountered. I think these issues/concern deserve our attention and improvement in order to attract more users.

1. Parted disk – Most of student have a WindowsXP/Vista OS, so the first thing to install dual root system is disk partition. It’s seems only mast partition could be recognized by installer.

2. How much size ZFS snapshot need? very small, even you can ignore it.

3. Where I can download and upgrade software? Besides default IPS server, IPS server mirror available for China : Futher more:
blastwave (preferred)     

4. Instance message client application: Can I use qq and fetion? Yes, pidgin support qq and fetion protocol modules. But currently, you need compile them by yourself.   I have to say that these two instance message tools are very very popular in China. The office number by Tencent, there are 4 hundred million registered users for qq. And fetion is the fastest-growing instant messaging tools in China currently which delivered by China Mobile. So if these two modules could be integrated by default for China user, it will make OpenSolaris more closed with China user.

5. Driver, as you know this is old problem, we are resolving them step by step. The good thing is that we can see most major device drive we supported. And good news is more and more device drivers will be supported in the future.

Here some pictures I’d like share with you.


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