Beijing Openparty – Firefox l10n

Yesterday, I participated the Beijing Open party. I heard Beijing Open party several months ago, but until yesterday, I haven’t have chance to see how was it. So, that was my first time to go there, and frankly, it’s a really exited experience.
Normally there are many optional topics, which brought by attendees. After attendees submit the topic, who prepare topic to do presentation, give a simple introduce, everyone need to vote which topics could be given presentation today. But this time, there are several special topic about Firefox:
The over all goals of Mozilla’s Localization Program over 2009.
A new software library that has been developed for l10n tools to be created .
Firefox l10n introduction
The speaker of the first topic, Seth Bindernagel is from Mozila US MountView office. He is the Director of Mozila l10n team. He give a very wonderful speech, and cool slide show.:)
The other speaker are contributors of Mozila China l10n community. They have already translated lots of Mozila document to Chinese. It’s cool and worth to be respected!
Some Picture share with you:


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