Completion C Language Practice Course

First of all I would like to congratulate my dear students, all of you have completed that course successfully !
Time flies, the twinkling of an eight-week period has passed, you all achieved with great effort!Eight weeks ago, Almost nobody had written program in C language, and even no one ever heard  of Solaris/Unix! That is true, their bachelor major backgrounds are including electronics, mechanics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, education, economics, finance, management, and even English, but only computer science hard to find. Sigh. . It’s really a big challenge for all of us!

But we made it finally, actually you made it. How could you do that?  During this period, you make unremitting efforts and I am touched by that:
Some of the students bought a new hard disk or even a new laptop in order to install Opensolaris environment.
In order to meet the Deadline,  several groups of students stayed up all night.
So many question emails I received from you showed you had tried so many times.

Passion and hard working make you success. At the conclusion presentation, all of the group can run the program.  I’m proud of you! And there’s not doubt that all of you have confidence now!

Thanks for JiaoTong University and my boss/company offering me such a great opportunity! And also thank my students, I spent a wonderful time with you, It’s really cool experience! and will be my cherish! Your good work also make me get a sense of achievement. I hope we can keep in touch in the future!

However, that just for you to open a small program window of unimagined wonderfulness is still in front.
So, Please Keep on Moving on!

These are pictures of the conclusion presentation

24 thoughts on “Completion C Language Practice Course

  1. I am your student,于洋.
    First,thank you for your pure-heart teaching, from this class,you brought us to the word of solaris/unix,and made me acquainted with solaris/unix,so except windows,we saw another side of computers.Second,i want to say nothing,but thank you ,thank you.

  2. To Mr Xue:
    To be truth,you are one of my best teachers in my all life.I will always hold dear the wonderful experience with you.Thanks for your excellent teaching.I really learned lots of useful things in your class.I believe that the knowledge you taught will help me have a good performance in my future’s life as well as work.At last,giving my best&most sincerely wishes to you and hope you can have a happy life in your future life(not only work,but also life).If you have some questions about financal stocks,you can call me or touch me by e-mail,maybe I will give you some useful information and help.Thank you once again .Best wishes.Take care.
    Yours sincerely student:Zhao Xin

  3. Thank you~
    I learn da lot.
    memory leaking problem solved,and got a better graphic effect.
    still working on docs…

  4. Thank you for your excellent teaching! I learn a lot from you. It is important for me to grasp the way how to develop a project. Thanks!

  5. Mr. Xue:
    Thanks for your patient and timely help in the period! You show me a new world of Linux, fresh and challenging. I have learned a lot from this class.
    To tell you the truth, I had never thinked of I could finish the project at the first class. Cause I totally couldn’t understand anything, everything were new to me, everything were hard to me. I just wanted to give it up. But with your help and encouragement, and as a team leader, I had to take charge of my team. So I tried my best to learn Solaris and GTK, and achieved to use them propally after one-week study. Fortunately, with my teamates’ excellent and hard work, our programe worked before other groups a long time. We just couldn’t believe it! It’s amazing!
    Thanks for your excellent work!

  6. On the way of our lives ,there is no failure,but give up,especially in your daily lives,on your feelings:),also your work,in our man’s dictionary,there is no giving up,no tears,but power,ambitions,supremacy.
    Hope my dear teacher have a good time everyday!Good time can help you make success!

  7. 心血来潮,突然想回来这看看,这里变了不少~嘿嘿变得更好了
    呵呵薛老师您好啊,好久不见啊,想你了哦~ ^-^

  8. 郑耀明,谢谢你还记得来这里看看。呵呵,我也很想你们,不知道你们现在怎么样了?现在应该又有了很多的长进了吧。生活就是这样子,就像歌里唱的,你们都走了,只剩下笔记本陪我一个人,安静了。。期待有机会跟你们每一个人再见面。

  9. 回过头来看以前的东西,感觉真是很不一样。。现在课还是很多,每次精疲力尽的时候总会想起当时为俄罗斯方块付出的心血,就感觉现在这点辛苦不算什么了。

  10. 薛老师,您对这次Oracle收购Sun有什么看法,我觉得挺不能接受的。。为什么会这样呢??


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