My recent awaited update

Every time a bloger is interrupted for a long time to write blog, said back to weeding. Ha ha. weeding back,for nearly three months came back today. No matter how busy, I’m willing to updating for my friends and reader who concerned me.
For three months, a lot of big and small things happen. To us the largest one is successful Beijing Olympic Games were held, waiting for for so many years has finally realized that the Olympic Games has left me a lot of touching moments. Opening and closing ceremonies were both spectacular. During Olympic Games, I even had chance to go to Beijinggongti to see Most of the lightweight boxing preliminaries.
For Work,added to the three Southeast Asian locale support (ms, vi, id), one week ago it has finally been integrated into the in Nevada build99. Including the implement encoding conversion of Vietnamese to the iconv module. I believe in Opensolaris 11.2008 release user will be able to use all three of the locale. Of course, add more locales depends on locale people, the community has boundless power! Now, the highest priority to have friends in Singapore or who interest in add Singapore locales, increased Singapore’s locale (High:zh_SG, en_SG, low:ms_SG, ta_SG ) , if interested please contact me, very grateful!
There is the matter had to say that cooperation more than a year of PM to leave the sector to the another team. Some reluctance, because of the cooperation is very happy, she taught me a lot of things and we also have some understanding of each other. It’s pity than she leave us. She is a very good, work hard, thoughtful, and always consider for someone else, for me, the best thing is she able to speak Chinese, so we can communicate in Chinese. it maybe a reason that make we know each other better. ;). The new PM is coming, I have to say better English. I also tell myself keep on working harder! We also hope
that the good co-operation. Anyway, the best wishes for Wenling in the new position to the work be happy and successful! Come on! !
I happen to have an opportunity to be a Guest Lecturer/Professor in a University. When I was child, be teacher is one my dream. It comes true. Ha ha:) Standing on the rostrum, looked at the lovely young students, then think of my student-age. Hope that from the course, they can get something and like me. Students are always with the words young, hope, dreams, future, so full of shining, vigor and vitality of human language vocabulary together, there is no doubt that the teachers with them always be touched by, and I’m looking forward to and enjoy what they have brought to my experience!


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