FW: A true story in Wenchuan Earthquake

Annie translated a true story in Wenchuan Earthquake to English. It’s really moved and sad.

A true story in Wenchuan Earthquake

Since the Wenchuan Earthquake happened, I’ve been moved by many
many pictures, stories… And this one I just read from
which is originally in Chinese (【感动母爱】母亲已死,3个月的孩子压在她身下,手机留下了 …), I
translated it into English to share with you because mother’s great
love is the same all over the world.

【Moved by mother’s great love】A mum died, with her 3 months’s baby under her body, and she left words on the mobile phone…

She has died when the rescuer found her. She was overwhelmed by
crushed house. Through gaps of those ruins, we can see her last
posture. Being on her knees, the upper part of the body was prostrate
forward, with her hands on the ground to support body. That was
something like an acient who was kowtowing, just looked eerie because
she was out of shape by pressure.

The rescuers confirmed her death by touching her through the gaps of
ruins. They shouted at the ruins again and again, knocked the bricks
using the crowbar, but no response inside.

Then the rescuing team went to next building, suddenly the leader
ran back, calling "come here". He came to the body, stretched his hands
under the woman, feeling and touching, then shouted loudly "there is
someone, a baby, still living".

Through some efforts, rescuers cleaned up the ruins carefully which
blocked her. Under her body, lied her baby, who was wrapped in a small
red quilt with yellow flowers scattered in red. He is about 3 or 4
months’ old. Since well protected by mother’s body, he is totally safe.
He was sleeping on both ears when the rescuer carried him out, and his
lovely and peaceful face warmed everyone around him. The doctor along
with the rescuing team unfastened the quilt to check if the baby is all
right, and he found there was a moible phone filled in the quilt. The
doctor looked at the screen subliminally, a written message was already
there: "my dear baby, if you coulde live, don’t forget how much I love
you". As a doctor, he experienced too much of parting for ever; but at
this moment, he wept. The mobile was passed, every person who saw this
message sheded tears.


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