Indian language – Hindi font

When you hear language about some country, probably you will think the one-one relationship like:
China – Chinese
Japan – Japanese
England – English

But for Indian, it’s special. For Indian , it does not means certain language. It means many language.
In Indian ,there are two language is official language, Hindi and English. Hindi is most popular and
base on North India language.  Beside these two main languages there still have many other Indian language.

Hindi Shree font:

Modular Systems from Pune, India, offers about 20 free truetype fonts for most Indic languages. The
fonts are all called Shree
something and appear complete. Covered are Assamese, Bengali, Hindi

(Devanagri), Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and
Telugu. In 1992, they made the
Malayalam fonts Shree-Mal-0501W, Shree-Mal-0502.

Here are some fonts download page.

Tamil: [ ‘tæmil ] 
insertaudio( ‘dgzzof’,’#e7f7f7′); 
n. 坦米尔人,坦米尔语

Devanagari: [ ˌdeivə’nɑ:gəri ] 
insertaudio( ‘nugzly’,’#e7f7f7′); 
n. 梵文字母, 天城体

insertaudio( ‘qr4zjI’,’#e7f7f7′); 

Kannada: [ ‘kɑ:nədə ] 
insertaudio( ‘2przpz’,’#e7f7f7′); 
n. <印> 埃纳德语

Telugu: [ ‘teləˌgu: ] 
insertaudio( ‘6gQzek’,’#e7f7f7′); 
I only find shree_tel_0906




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