How to Embed picasa picture as slideshow flash into your blog

I post many pictures which stored in google picasa. And I enbed them
as slideshow in my blog page. Many of my friends ask me how to do
that. So, I summary the two ways which I know so far. If you have any
other good idea please leave comment.

tow ways to Embed picasa picture as slide flash into your blog.

The First
is very simple, login you google picasa page, enter the album which
you would show. Then click the left menu list item : “Embed
Slideshow “, you will see the code of add slide show into blog
page. What you need to do is just copy the code and paste in your
edit page.

It’s available only in English version currently, It’s seems not have
the “Embed Slideshow “ menu in Simple Chinese, Japanese version.
I only check these tow versions, maybe other languages cannot use
this function too.)

second way is very simple and common not which langage page you set.

this codes into you blog edit page:


width="507" scrolling="no" height="385"


→ Frame width is 0
means no frame edge. You can set "1"
→ Picture height pixel is 385.
src="web address" →
You slideshow’s web address.
scrolling="no" → Do not
need scrolling
width="507" → Picture width pixel is

can change these parameters as you prefer to. At least you shoul
replace src wich you own slideshow page address.

See Chinese version of this paper. 


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