Visit local University to intruduce Sun Technique

These National Holiday I went back my hometown. Although I haven’t back for long time, I still feel familiar with everything.:)

One of important event is, after holiday I visit locale university – Baoji College of Art and Science on October 9.

October 8,I contacted the vise dean of computer department Mr.Liu, and introduce myself. He arrange for me to meet the teachers who has interested in Sun Technique on the second day. Thank Mr.Liu here.

On October 9 morning, I had met the 7 teachers. They are mainly two types: one type is focus on java technique, the other is teaching OS class. At first, I delivered two preso,one is about java technique and develop tool NetBeans and some java train assistance information, the other is about OpenSolaris community and OpenSolaris ongoing projects. After preso, I had discussed with them.

By discuss they ask some question about java and Solaris. and also give me some feedback about it.They are very interested in Sun Technique. and especially following points seem more attractive for them:

  • java develop tool – Netbeans, it’s java develop tool of  NCRE(the national computer rank examination, BTW,Baoji College of Art and Science is one of exam site in Shan’xi)
  • new feature of JDK 1.5 or later – They have teach java class for 3 terms, but still teach JDK1.4 and know nothing about new feature of JDK1.5
  • Solaris OS –  The OS class teacher very interested in SolarisOS, and want to download and want to try it.
  • SunPinYin – it’s our input method project of Chinese. They also said maybe they will try it.

All meeting last almost two hours. I give them some useful links about sun technique such as, SDN, Netbeans,Opensolaris,Bigadmin and so on. I think it’s good for us to know what are user concerned. I hope they can try to use Sun’s software and love them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Visit local University to intruduce Sun Technique

  1. Thanks so much for using your shutdown week this way, Xue Wei! I’m sure it meant more to the students and professors to hear about our products from you rather than from a salesperson. Please keep up the good work!


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