Using SFU to be a NFS client on WindowsOS

If you are using windows system, you want to access Solaris(Unix) files, samb service is not the only way. For the Unix NFS is more nature and easy. But if your client OS is Windows, you must install some tools make you can be a NFS cliet.

There are many commercial tools to do this,you can google many. And Microsoft, the owner of Windows of course want to do something about it. SFU (service for Unix) is such a Utilities and SDK that help you migration to Unix, include component which support NFS (client and server). It can be download freely. Here you can get some information about SFU.

Today I try the component of SFU to be a client of NFS.

1>download and install the client of NFS component.

It’s very easy to use. Then check you "network", you will find "NFS Network", there are many NFS server Unix machine which have shared files. in it. you can access like in NFS system.



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