Installing CBE 1.6 bug? There is no package SUNWsmba in SVN Build66

When I tried to install cbe 1.6 in SVN B66, there is an error message:

/cdrom/cdrom0/Solaris_11/Product/SUNWsmbaS not found

I found that SVN Build 66 install DVD does not include this package. Add in build 63 , there are SUNWsmbaS package.

3 Solution:

Solution1> Modify cbe install script to do NOT install  SUNWsmbaS package;

Solution2> During install prompt, do not install SUNWsmbaS package;

Solution3> Copy SUNWsmbaS package from Build 63 or more early version, and install it.


If using Solution 1,2 , I am not sure if Very little harm done for most of the
packages you can compile from within the CBE. So, be careful.


After a little search, It said that this package change happened in SVN build 55.

See also:


4 thoughts on “Installing CBE 1.6 bug? There is no package SUNWsmba in SVN Build66

  1. Xue,
    since the virtual filesystem in GNOME does not longer require the SUNWsmbaS package to be installed (related CR 6267187), this package is not longer necessary. It was referenced by SUNWgnome-vfs.spec and this was last changed on May 17 2007, to not longer require SUNWsmbaS, only SUNWsmbau is still required.
    I would vote for Solution 2 !
    I’ll send a note to the CBE Toolkit people to remove SUNWsmbaS from the toolkit-installation (long term Solution 1)


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