The most exciting Kungfu show – The Legend Of Kungfu (昨天在红剧场看了功夫传奇的表演)

Yesterday, I saw the most the most exciting Kungfu show – The Legend Of Kungfu in the Beijing Red Theater. (FYI.I found they have a website, you can glance it. )

In an ancient temple we encounter a little boy. Through practicing
kungfu and Zen he becomes a master and finally reaches the sacred goal
of enlightment. 

Scene1 Initiation
The little monk arrives at the temple, and is initiated into the monastry and given the name Chun Yi (the pure one)
Scene2 Learning
The little monk is studying Zen and Kungfu very hard. Years have gone by, the boy becomes a man.
Scene3 Casting
After many years of hard training, our monk Chun yi’s body turns to iron.
Scene4 Illusion
Chun Yi chases the beautiful fairy he has created in his mind, and hence can not continue with his Buddhist practices.
Scene5 Remorse
The monk Chun Yi loses his way of Buddhist Practices, and suffers from great remorse.
Scene6 Temple Gate
Passing through the temple gate is a glorious ritual for a monk, Chun
Yi must accomplish this final task to become a warrior monk.
Scene7 EpilogueThe old master passes on the stave, and Chun Yi becomes the Abbot.

Here is my ticket.(这是我的门票)


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